Breakthrough running and strength programs to help you increase endurance and power

Marathon programs from NYC’s premier running coach

Imagine learning how to run from a top athlete.

Each day’s workout is ready for you, on-demand, on the app.  I’ve coached hundreds of runners around the world, and now it’s your turn. Use my breakthrough training methods that will increase your speed, decrease your recovery time and keep you in optimal mental and physical shape.

“Running is moving meditation. When you push your limits physically, you raise your mental baseline.”

No matter what level you are, there’s a running program that will be perfect for you. 

I make the plan.

YOU make it happen.

Training with me means knowing exactly what you are doing and on exactly what day.  Strength workout videos are demonstrated in-app, as well as running form videos for your guidance.

Get over 30 running and strength programs to download for just $39

Treadmill runs, outdoor runs, video-guided strength training workouts, rest days, and custom Spotify playlists for each workout.

Thousands of people have used my training programs worldwide. Now, you can get instant access to over 30 programs, plus direct messaging with me and Spotify playlists that sync with each workout.

Thousands of runners in our worldwide community.

“I realized on my last run of the free trial that running without Meg just wasn’t the same and I couldn’t go back to running without her programming.”

Lauren Van Haren (member)

More powerful.

More you.

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Customizable running programs

Spotify playlists to match each run

Personal coaching directly with Meg

Looking for a personalized coaching program? Checkout the Elite membership for $999 per month.

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