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Meg is a New York City based certified running coach who specializes in coaching runners to perform efficiently, faster, and injury-free through her carefully curated programs.

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Get simple, effective coaching from a highly-rated marathon runner.  Meg gets straight to the point.

All RunWithMeg programs are available on the custom app, with video, interactive content and Spotify playlists.

Your dream of being a great runner is waiting.  I know exactly how to get you there.  Simply download the app and start today.

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No matter what level you are, there’s a workout for you.  You’ll combine treadmill and outdoor runs with strength workouts. And rest days. Phew.

“Running is like moving meditation.”

You push your limits physically to raise your mental baseline.  My goal has, and always be, to flip the script on the fitness industry; to turn it from an image-obsessed, weight loss-focused black hole, to something sustainable and meaningful.

“I finally realized I needed Meg. Just a week into her programming I started to fall in love with running again and of course my pace improved, dramatically, my body doesn't hurt and I feel proud after every workout. Meg is the reason I challenge myself and believe in myself, the reason I love running and training.”

Lauren Van Haren

#RunWithMeg member

Every exercise explained.

Training with Meg means knowing exactly what you’re doing and why. Make sure your muscles are burning in all the right places with videos explaining every strength movement.

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